Operating Guidelines – Peace Arch Chapter of Good Sam Club

1.   General membership:

Dues: $20 per year paid by Jan. 1 of each year

Associates –  pay $10.  Arrears notices will be sent out after Jan. 1. 

    Maximum Size of Chapter:  25 rigs plus associates

    New Members: Come first as guests to an event.  Forms to be filled out for new members       will be given out by Chapter executive.

    Nametags: Ensure correct spelling for new members to have nametags created for them.   Nametags should be worn to all events.

2.   Meetings:

    Meetings are held 9-10 times per year. Members will be e-mailed about events and asked to reply. 

3.   Chapter Officers and Duties:

    All officers will be elected at an annual Chapter meeting and will hold office for 2 years.

    President-Presides at all meetings; appoints all committees, supervises all Chapter activities, represents the Chapter at BC Good Sam meetings, receives Good Sam correspondence

    Vice-President – Conducts meetings in the absence of the president, assists the president in representing the Chapter at Good Sam meetings

    Secretary – Records minutes of all meetings of the Chapter; records names and numbers of members present at meetings; answers all correspondence after action taken by members and/or at the direction of the president; updates the Chapter website; e-mails minutes and information to members; sends cards to members who are ill or have a death in the family

    Treasurer – Has custody of all funds and assets of the Chapter; responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements; reports to Chapter members at meetings; works with President and Secretary to send checks to charities designated by the membership

    Social Convener – Informs membership of upcoming meetings via phone and e-mail;  locates meeting sites and makes arrangements with restaurants; plans and executes any Chapter parties and other social functions

4.   Campouts and Wagonmaster Volunteers:

    Selection of year’s activities- Done by membership at fall meetings and finalized by December.  Each member books their own campsite. Information is posted on Chapter website for ease in booking.

    Wagonmaster volunteers – Each volunteer organizes it as they wish. Options might be a restaurant dinner, a potluck or everyone brings their own food and gathers together.  

    Wagonmaster Duties –

a.     Book the designated camping location regarding dates of outing, estimated number of spaces needed, and if applicable, book hall or recreational area.

b.     Make arrangements to ensure our Peace Arch sign, game materials, large coffee pot and other chapter owned camping items are brought to the campground.

c.      On arrival at the campground hand out the agenda or advise the attendees what will be happening.  This could include: day and time of potluck, Happy Hour, breakfast time schedule, schedule for games, crafts, golf, local interest trips, etc.

d.     Breakfast is prepared by the men on one of the last days of the outing.  The wagonmaster sets the menu, purchases the supplies, gives receipts to treasurer for reimbursement.  Any left-over supplies from the previous wagonmaster will be stored in the chapter tubs and left with the President. Perishables may be purchased by the members at the outing.

e.       When outing is finished Peace Arch sign, cooler and other Chapter materials go back to the President or on to the next wagonmaster.


5.   Charitable Work and Donations:

We support P.A.D.S and other charities voted on by the membership each fall.

At the Samboree we  present the P.A.D.S amount.


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